Sisterhood of Women

Together, anything is possible. 

Twelve sayings to empower us all! Cherish it, Carry it, Share it.

“Love love love. These are so fabulous and the sayings on the back are heart filling.” -J.S. in Michigan


Together, Anything is Possible. 

If you’re like me, then the women in your life are one of your greatest sources of strength and encouragement. We created these new charms to celebrate YOU, and ALL the amazing women we know. Your sisterhood is a powerful force for good in the world: Cherish it, carry it, share it.

Now more than ever, women are seeking resilience, courage, and strength. We share this new line with you, straight from our heart, to yours, and beyond. Thank you for helping us get these out into the world. Twelve different sayings to empower us all:

  • Surround yourself with women that will lift you higher
  • Find your tribe and love them fiercely
  • When sisters stand together, nothing stands a chance
  • Sisterhood is forever
  • Always you will have my hand to hold
  • You are a sister of my heart
  • Be the woman you needed as a younger woman
  • Empowered women empower women
  • Find the goddess within you and love her fiercely
  • Not sisters by blood, but sisters by choice
  • Women armed with ancestral wisdom are unstoppable
  • Individually we are but a drop – Together we are an ocean

Item #s:

PW119: Sisterhood of Women Display Pack. 36pc plus display.
PW120: Refill pack. 36pc.

A Signature Edition from Deva Designs. Size 1.1″ wide, fine American pewter, Proudly Handcrafted in USA.

What customers are saying: 

“Love love love. These are so fabulous and the sayings on the back are heart filling.” -J.S. in Michigan

“I need these for the store.” -J.S. in Colorado

“Great messages. I love them. I want both. (These, and Kindness). Very good idea.” -K.V. in Illinois

As seen in Gift Shop Magazine’s Must-Haves April 2017!

Sisterhood in Gift Shop Mag Must Haves April 2017




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