Art+Glass Celtic

Artisan Etched Glass
These Art+Glass pieces are hand abrasion-etched, for a design that is as easy to care for as it is beautiful. Use as a cordial glass, bud vase, aperitif glass, shot glass, home decor, wedding gift, and more.


Artisan Etched Glass

 Artist’s Note: These Art+Glass pieces are hand abrasion-etched, which gives the design a natural variation and complex beauty, without the use of chemicals or lasers. The design has been etched directly into the glass itself, which means they are as easy to care for as they are beautiful. Your customers will enjoy them for years to come!  -Bob H.

Beautiful etched glasses, in three different styles. Ideal for use as a shot-glass, groomsman gift, cordial glass, bud vase, home decor, wedding gift, and more. Size approximately 4″ tall x 1.5″ wide at lip, volume 2 oz.. These glasses are dishwasher and glass-cleaner safe. Artisan etched in the USA.

The three Celtic styles are:
  • Triquetra: A symbol of interconnection, eternity, and life (Also known as triple knot)
  • Square knot: A symbol of strength and protection (Also known as shield knot, fourway knot, Quaternary knot or four corners knot)
  • Triskele: A symbol of flow, growth, and the cyclical nature of life (Also known as triskelion or triple spiral)

You-pick: Combine any and all Art+Glass shot-glass styles. You choose your preferred combo. Select SKU “AGPA” and put your choices+quantities in the “Notes” field before you submit your total order.

Sold in assortments. Designed to sell for retail individually / by the piece. Each glass comes with an info card. Item numbers:
AGPA Art Glass Assortment. 12pc – Any 12 pieces, you choose the styles+quantity you want.
AG4 Triquetra 1pc
AG5 Square knot 1pc
AG6 Triskele 1pc


When you order AGPA Assortment, please specify what assortment of styles+quantity you would  like in the “Notes” field before you submit your order. If you don’t specify, we’ll choose an assortment for you from among the “The Spirit of Love-Peace-Life” line and the “Celtic” line. Thank you.

Artisan Etched by Celtic Knot Works for Deva Designs in Sedona, Arizona.

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To Purchase:

AGPA – 12pc Assorted, AG4 – 1pc Triquetra, AG5 – 1pc Square knot, AG6 – 1pc Triskele

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