Art+Glass Suncatchers

These suncatchers / window ornaments are artisan hand abrasion-etched, for a design that is as easy to care for as it is beautiful. Gorgeous play of light and color along the beveled edge! 6pc minimum. 


Artist’s Note: These Art+Glass pieces are hand abrasion-etched, which gives the design a natural variation and complex beauty, without the use of chemicals or lasers. The design has been etched directly into the glass itself, which means they are as easy to care for as they are beautiful. Your customers will enjoy them for years to come!  -Bob H.

These elegant suncatchers are eye-catchers: They’re gorgeous! Each piece is artisan etched by hand, one at a time, in our Sedona art studio. You’ll want to see these in person– the ever-changing colors along the beveled edge are mesmerizing.

Size 4? diameter, clear beveled glass, ready-to-display on sturdy cord, each with an artist info tag. Our etched glass pieces are fully dishwasher and glass-cleaner safe. 6pc minimum. Made to order, please allow 5-7 business days. Artisan etched in the USA.

The styles:

  • Tree: Do you see the heart hidden in the branches? The tree symbolizes balance, resilience, and growth.
  • Goddess: Our beautiful Crescent Moon Goddess has become a classic depiction of goddess imagery. She symbolizes femininity, time, and the cycles and patterns of nature and life.
  • Dragonfly: The dragonfly is a symbol of dreams, transformation, and joy.

Item numbers:

  • AGPB Art+Glass Pack Suncatchers 6pc assortment
  • AG7 Suncatcher Goddess 1pc
  • AG12 Dragonfly 1pc
  • AG13 Suncatcher Tree 1pc

Suncatchers are 6pc minimum. Orders not specified will receive an assortment.

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Artisan Etched by Celtic Knot Works for Deva Designs in Sedona, Arizona.

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AGPB Art Glass Pack Suncatchers 6pc, AG7 Goddess 1pc, AG12 Dragonfly 1pc, AG13 Tree 1pc

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