Avalon Blessings Pendants

Wear the blessings of Avalon. Natural gemstones and powerful inscriptions.

Item ABP: Avalon Blessings Pendants Pack. 12 pendants (4 styles), plus birch-wood display and header card.

Item ABR: Refill pack. 12 Pendants.

Items AB1-AB4: Individual Pendants.


Wear the blessings of Avalon. Natural gemstones and powerful inscriptions.

These are the perfect talisman to invoke good things for your customers. Pendant size 1.2″ wide, natural gemstones set in fine pewter, handcrafted in USA.

Item #s:

ABP: Avalon Blessings Pendants Pack. 12 pendants (4 styles), plus birch-wood easel-style display and header card.
ABR: Refill pack. 12 Pendants.
AB1: “Joy To  This Woman” Pendant – Crescent Moon Goddess for joy, with Rose Quartz
AB2: “Bless This Woman” Pendant – Nile Goddess for blessings, with Blue Sodalite
AB3: “Protect This Woman” Pendant – Wolf Walker for protection, with Chevron Amethyst, Tiger Eye, or Mahogany Obsidian depending on availability
AB4: “Strength To This Woman” Pendant – Tree Goddess for strength, with Green Aventurine

What store buyers are saying: 

“These are gorgeous! I love them. They are awesome. Love, love, love.” – C.O. in Nebraska


Eternal Images by Deva Designs

Visionary Award Winner: Jewelry of the Year, Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) 2017

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