Top 12 Sellers – Instant Inspiration Corner

Best-selling inspirational charms, in retail-ready Starter Kits 

The ‘Instant Inspiration Corner’: Our 12 Top Sellers of pewter charms, with their beautiful metal display boxes, in a discount bundle with Free U.S. Shipping!



Best-selling inspirational charms, in a retail-ready Starter Kit 

Great way to get started! FREE U.S. SHIPPING on all Starter Kit orders.

Increase your sales with pocket charms next to your register, for quick & easy impulse sales. In just a few square inches of space, some of our stores are making hundreds of dollars a month.

To make it easy for you to get started selling these powerhouses, we’ve grouped our best-selling charms into Starter Kits. All Starter Kits receive FREE U.S. SHIPPING.

How Starter Kits Can Boost Your Sales:

  • Tons of people love pocket-sized messages of inspiration.
  • They’re a proven, quick-selling impulse buy, right by your checkout area for your customers.
  • They’re proudly handcrafted in the USA in fine pewter (100% lead-free).
  • Each set of beautiful charms comes in its own attractive, compact, retail-ready display.
  • Most importantly, your customers will love them!

Included in SK12 ‘Instant Inspiration Corner’ Starter Kit: 

Tree of Life Blessings 36pc & Display (details) – Carry a celtic blessing to brighten your path
Animal-Speak 28pc & Display (details) – Let the animals whisper messages to your heart
Tiny Hearts 100pc & Display (details) – Messages of love for a friend, loved one, or yourself!
Sisterhood of Women 36pc & Display (details) – Together, anything is possible
Daily Inspirations 36pc & Display (details) – Find your inspiration and carry it with you
Moon & Stars Blessings 36pc & Display (details) – Carry a blessing to brighten your way
Wish Stars 100pc & Display (details) – Shining wishes to keep and to share
Dragon Wisdom 36pc & Display (details) – Let the dragons whisper inspiration to you
Goddess Wisdom 36pc & Display (details) – Carry a gentle message of wisdom as you walk your life’s path
Brigid’s Heart 36pc & Display (details) – Carry a reminder of your inner strength and wisdom
Bits of Strength 100pc & Display (details) – From tiny acorns grow the mightiest oaks: Start small, grow awesome, and be-leaf in yourself!
Inner Strength 36pc & Display (details) – “I am strong because…” Connect with your inner strength
+ Bundle Discount
+ Free Shipping (U.S.)

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