Instant Inspiration Corner SK12

Best-selling inspirational charms, in retail-ready Starter Kits 

The ‘Instant Inspiration Corner’: Twelve best-selling pocket charm packs with their display boxes.

+ Free U.S. Shipping!



Best-selling inspirational charms, in retail-ready Starter Kits 

Great way to get started! FREE U.S. SHIPPING on all Starter Kit orders.

Increase your sales with pocket charms next to your register, for quick & easy impulse sales. In just a few square inches of space, some of our stores are making hundreds of dollars a month.

To make it easy for you to get started selling these powerhouses, we’ve grouped our best-selling charms into Starter Kits. All Starter Kits receive FREE U.S. SHIPPING.

How Starter Kits Can Boost Your Sales:

  • Tons of people love pocket-sized messages of inspiration.
  • They’re a proven, quick-selling impulse buy, right by your checkout area for your customers.
  • They’re proudly handcrafted in the USA in fine pewter (100% lead-free).
  • Each set of beautiful charms comes in its own attractive, compact, retail-ready display.
  • Most importantly, your customers will love them!

Included in SK12 ‘Instant Inspiration Corner’ Starter Kit: 

Tree of Life Blessings Pack 36pc with display (Details)
Animal-Speak Pack 28pc with display (Details)
Tiny Hearts Pack 100pc with display (Details)
Sisterhood of Women 36pc with display
Daily Inspirations Pack 36pc with display (Details)
A Little Kindness 24pc with display (Details)
Wish Stars Pack 100pc with display (Details)
Dragon Wisdom Pack 36pc with display (Details)
Goddess Wisdom Pack 36pc with display (Details)
Brigid’s Heart Pack 36pc with display (Details)
Bits of Strength Pack 100pc with display (Details)
Bits of Luck Clovers Pack 100pc with display (Details)
+ Free Shipping (U.S.)

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