KeepClose Bottles

Keep your hidden treasures close.

These bottle pendants are perfect for tiny secrets: a photo, your favorite perfume oil, ashes, a wish, or a lovenote. Our #1 top selling pendants!

  • Item ST1: KeepClose Display Pack. 16 bottles plus display rack. 
  • Item ST2: KeepClose Refill. 8 bottles.
  • Item ST3: Spiral KeepClose Bottle
  • Item ST4: Crescent Moon KeepClose Bottle
  • Item ST5: Triquetra KeepClose Bottle
  • Item ST6: Brigid’s Heart KeepClose Bottle


KeepClose Bottles – Keep your hidden treasures close: Secrets, Scents, Affirmations

These fantastic vials with screw-on lids are perfect for tiny secrets:

  • A photo of someone or something you love
  • Sand from somewhere special
  • A slip of fabric with your favorite perfumes or oils
  • Ashes, for creating a wearable memorial pendant
  • Your wish or intention

Presented on an attractive storycard for retail display. Stainless steel, size 1 1/4″ tall.

  • ST1: KeepClose Display Pack. 16 bottles plus display rack. 
  • ST2: KeepClose Refill. 8 bottles.
  • ST3: Spiral KeepClose Bottle
  • ST4: Crescent Moon KeepClose Bottle
  • ST5: Triquetra KeepClose Bottle  
  • ST6: Brigid’s Heart KeepClose Bottle 

* Some with scent-diffuser holes.

To seal the lid of a KeepClose bottle that has scent-diffuser holes: Light a candle, and carefully drop one drop of candle-wax inside the lid. The candle-wax will seal the holes.

What our customers are saying: 

“We sell so many of these. People love them. These lovely pendants are the perfect little vessel for your customers to carry their remembrances and keep them close to their hearts.”  -C.O. in Nebraska


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To purchase:

ST1 – 16pc + display, ST2 – 8pc refill, ST3 – Spiral, ST4 – Crescent Moon, ST5 – Triquetra, ST6 – Brigid's Heart

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