Spell Charm Match Boxes Covers

Light your magick. REFILLABLE! Holds a standard box of matches.

Item C16: Match Boxes Pack. 12 Match Boxes (4 styles), plus display and header card.

Item C17: Refill pack. 12 Match Boxes.

Items C18-C21: Individual Match Boxes.


Light your magick. REFILLABLE! Holds a standard box of matches.

Designed by Christopher Penczak, teacher, healing practitioner, and award-winning author, these Spell Charm Match Box Covers help you focus your intentions to create the changes you want and need in your life.

These are the perfect accessory for lighting your candles, incense, and smudge wands. The strike area is left open for easy match-lighting. Great for meditation, ritual, ceremony, next to the fireplace … anywhere you want to light your magick.

Easy to refill!

  1. SLIDE: Slide out the entire old cardboard box (including the sleeve with the strike area).
  2. INSERT: Insert your new box of matches (available at any grocery store).

For your: Candles, Incense, Cigars, Smudge-wands, Weddings, Sacred space, Ceremony, Ritual

Merchandise in your store by your candles, altar tools, sage bundles, & incense.

Designed to fit a standard 32-count box of matches, safely and securely. Proudly handcrafted in the USA of stainless steel (engraveable) with pewter emblem, size approximately 1.5″x2″.

Item #s:

C16: Spell Charm Match Boxes Pack. 12pc (4 styles), plus display and header card.
C17: Refill pack. 12pc
C18: Prosperity – Wealth and Success (symbols of the 12 suns of the year)
C19:Protection – Defense against Harm (pentacle and runes for success and shielding)
C20:Creativity – Increase Inspiration & Creative Powers (moon cycle and vesica pisces)
C21:Magick Power – Increase Spells, Powers, and Blessings (trident of magick and victory)

* We are glad to make *any* of the Spell Charms and Traveling Magick charms into match boxes for you, beyond the four above-listed regular-inventory styles, with a few days leadtime.

What store buyers are saying about our Match Box Covers

“OH! That is awesome! What a great idea!”  – M.C.

“OMG….I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! How exciting!” -E.H.

“I need to order a refill pack! They’ve been here only a week, and half have already sold.” -M.V.

Note: Each match box cover will be shipped with the inner cardboard matchbox striker, drawer, and an info tag. To comply with shipping regulations, matches are not included in shipped packages, and these refill cardboard boxes of strike-on-box matches can easily be found at a good price at any drugstore or grocery store.

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